Notifications will help you to stay on track with important deadlines and to be up-to-date in team collaboration.

You will find your new notifications in the notification popup that opens via the bell icon in the header. Notifications by comments are displayed next to it below the speech bubble icon.

If you mark notifications as read by clicking on the checkmark, they will automatically disappear from your overview. You'll be able to mark all notifications of a group as read via the group header or mark all your current notifications as read via the blue button with the checkmarks.

Grouped notifications

Notifications on status changes of projects and tasks are shown grouped as one expandable line.

Here the status changes of tasks are summed up (the colored icons) that you have received since the last time you marked the notifications for the project as read.

The summarized row always shows the last status change of the project. You'll be able to see all the details when expanding the line.

Is it possible to see my old notifications somewhere?

No, notifications marked as read disappear from the overview. There is no other overview in awork where old notifications can be viewed.

Where can I set which notifications I don't want to receive?

You'll be able to set which notifications you wish to receive. We just set a default for each user.

There are two ways to access your notification settings:

  1. Open the notification popup and click on the gear icon.

  2. Open your User menu in the top right of the app header, click Edit Profile, and scroll down the page to Notifications.

Where can I turn off notifications as email?

Open the notifications popup and click on the gear icon. You will be taken to your notification settings.

There you'll see different columns for the various channels you'll be able to receive notifications from:

  • 📱 your smartphone

  • 💻 in the awork browser app

  • ✉️ email

If you have awork connected to Slack, you'll be able to select Slack as your notification channel here as well.

Can I also receive browser notifications when I don't have awork running?

No, unfortunately, this is not currently possible. Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in this feature.

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