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Invite a new user

There are three ways to open the window for inviting new users in awork:

  1. Go to Settings > Invite User

  2. Go to Settings > User and click on the green Add button in the upper left corner of the screen

  3. Open the popup for assigning a user to a task and select Invite by email there

To invite a new user, you need to have enough users booked in your plan. Learn more about adding or removing users. The window will tell how many users you have left to invite. Within your free 14-day trial, you may invite as many users as you like.

Enter the email address of the user you wish to invite in the corresponding field. awork tries to recognize the name from the email address. If awork gets it wrong, enter the name manually.

You still have to select a permission role that the user should have.

If teams are active in your awork, it is possible to select to which team the user should belong. After the user is invited, the user can be assigned to other teams.

It is possible to send multiple lines and invitations at the same time to send the invitation.

After inviting the new user, they are then available in awork, allowing you to edit or assign them to projects and tasks. The invited user receives an email with a link to awork to accept the invitation and set a password.

Invite many users at once

Using the Import User button at the bottom left of the invite window, simply fill out the invite window automatically with a large number of user invitations by uploading an Excel spreadsheet with email addresses, names, and optionally the gender and permission role name.

Who can invite new users?

Since it is possible to assign permission roles when inviting new users, only users with the Admin permission role are allowed to invite new users.

Do I have to select a role?

Yes, you always have to select an authorization role; otherwise, it is not clear what the user is allowed to see when logging in for the first time.

Can I resend an invitation?

As long as the user has the status Initiated, he or she has not yet accepted the invitation and has not yet completed an account.

Within this status, it's possible to resend the invitation by clicking the action button on the right side of the user overview or the user details.

The invitation has expired, what can I do?

If the link to register for the first time in the invitation no longer works, simply resend the invitation (see above).

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