Capacity = Planned weekly working time

The capacity is specified as weekly hours of work and equally distributed over the five working days (Mon-Fri).

The default value is 40 hours/week, which corresponds to eight hours on the days Mon-Fri.

The set capacity affects when the workload is displayed as red = overloaded in the team planning.

Furthermore, it represents the target value of the time recording. The daily capacity, in this case, eight hours, corresponds to the value at which the time tracking progress indicator is complete.

Adjusting your own capacity

You're able to edit your own capacity in your own profile. In the settings, there is a field with the available weekly capacity.

Adjust the capacity of other users

The capacity can be adjusted directly in the team planning. Next to the user's name, the weekly capacity is shown. By clicking on the value, it is possible to change it if the user has writing permissions..

Changes take effect directly and retroactively in the team planning timeline.

☝️Hint: Capacity does not have to be equal to the working hours

In many cases, it makes sense to keep the capacity lower than the actual working time. This way, you keep a bit of space for daily, non-project-related activities and create more planning security.

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