General information about time recording in awork

For every project-based service provider, time recording is an essential part of billing customers. Therefore it is important that every employee working on the projects records their time. Time tracking is often just a necessary unpleasantness for the employee. That's why time tracking in awork is fully integrated with task management and is so fast, simple and versatile that it is as little of a burden as possible for anyone.

What is a time in awork?

A time in awork is an entry with

  • a date

  • a duration

  • and a reference to a user.

In addition, further information can be added, such as:

  • start and end time

  • project and task

  • a comment

  • the type of activity

  • the info if the time is billable

Who can record time?

Every user can record time in awork. However, it is only possible to record time for projects and tasks that can be seen.

How can I record time?

There are many ways and places to record time in awork. The main difference is that time can be recorded following the task or live by using a start-stop timer. In the following sections, the different possibilities are described in detail.

Time recording by means of start-stop timer

Only one timer can run at a time. If you start a new timer, e.g. on another task, the previous time is automatically stopped.

The global timer at the bottom right of the screen

You'll be able to operate the global timer from anywhere in awork. Just click on the stopwatch to start, stop or edit it.

The timer is especially useful when you need to start a time entry spontaneously and add more details later, e.g. when you answer a call.

By clicking on the incrementing time, details will open, and you'll be able to add projects, tasks, etc. here.

Start timer on tasks

You can find the timer in the actions of the task list if you move the mouse over a task line. Click on the play icon to start the timer.

The timer can also be started from the task details. You can find it in the upper right corner above the task details if the task is not completed.

Start timer on projects

You will also find the timer in the top right corner of the project details if the project is not yet completed.

☝️ Hint: Start timer on times, projects and tasks via the action menu

Wherever you reach the action menu of tasks, projects or times, you'll be able to start the timer.

If you start a timer at an already recorded time, the new timer takes over all settings of the existing time except date and time.

Hide timer

If you don't use the start & stop buttons, you'll be able to hide them in the profile settings.

☝️Note: This only hides the timers - but does not turn off time tracking.

Can multiple timers run at the same time?

No, only one timer can run at a time.

Can I also pause the timer?

No, each time can only have a start and end time, so a time cannot be paused. However, it is possible to stop a time and restart a time with the same settings at the time entry, e.g. on the one in the dashboard widget for time tracking, using the action menu.

Time recording via entries

In all time overviews and also with the green 'add' button in the top right corner of the app header, you'll be able to create a new time.

A time recording window will open where you'll be able to enter all information.

☝️Hint:If you select 'More time?' the window will stay open, and you'll be able to record the next time directly.

Time recording in the day and week view

Click on the menu item My times to find different views with an overview of your recorded times.

With Click & Drag, times can be created in the Day View. The selected Start & End times are then preselected in the window.

The week view allows you to enter times for specific days by clicking on the dashed boxes on the weekdays.

Here you'll find more information about the My times section.

Time recording via Quick Actions

The Quick Actions, which are accessible by clicking on the lightning icon in the top right corner of the app header, allow you to create times using the slash commands. So you'll be able to create times including all pertinent information without using the mouse.

Learn more about the Quick Actions in awork.

Duplicate times

By clicking on the action menu, time entries can be duplicated. The duplicate opens and can be adjusted if necessary.

Can I enter times for other users?

It is not possible to enter times for other users.

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