The time tracking settings allow you to define for which projects or time periods times can be recorded and edited.

You will find the settings under Settings > General > Time tracking settings.

☝️Hint: Users of the admin group are not affected by the settings and can edit, create or delete times at any time. This way, corrections can still be made on completed projects without having to cancel the settings.

Prevent time recording on completed projects

If this setting is active, time can no longer be recorded on completed projects and the times on these projects can no longer be edited.

Prevent time recording in the future

This setting prevents the recording of times that are further in the future than today.

Restrict time recording into the past

This option allows you'll be able to restrict the recording and editing of times only for a certain number of days into the past. The corresponding value is given in days.

0 days means that times may only be recorded for today. Times before this period cannot be edited. If the field is empty, times may be created and edited in the past as long as they are not restricted by one of the other settings.

☝️Hint: The Settled value can also be edited despite the restriction, so that times can also be settled after project completion and the corresponding status is set.

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