We pursue a long-term product vision with awork. This means that we have a good idea of where we want the journey to go: Team organization in its simplest and smartest form, especially tailored to the needs of creative teams.

But that doesn't mean we know every feature along the way well in advance and can schedule them, or even guarantee their development. We continuously collect feedback, wishes and ideas from our users, conduct interviews, create concepts (and discard them again) and react to developments in technology and the working world.

From all these sources, individual ideas (thousands) emerge, which our product team filters, catalogs, and incorporates into our broader concepts.

As a rule, there are therefore different planning horizons:

  • Over 12-18 months, we know the rough topic areas in which we would like to further develop awork (e.g. resource planning or process automation).

  • We are starting to create and test concrete concepts for areas that are coming up in the next 6 months or so.

  • We know the next release exactly and can usually announce its release to the week.

Usually we aim for a release about every 8 weeks (here you can find the overview of past releases) and break our larger projects into corresponding components. Since this does not always make sense, we deviate from this rule in individual cases as needed.

We regularly publish the current planning status of our roadmap on our website: https://www.awork.io/en/roadmap/.

Ideas for improvement are best sent to [email protected] or directly via the ticket function in awork. This way, our team can directly compare your ideas with the existing topics and sort them in the appropriate place.

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