Which browsers does awork support?

Basically, awork supports most common browsers. The following versions are supported:

  • Chrome (as of v57)

  • Edge (as of v40)

  • Safari (as of v10)

  • Mobile Safari (from v10)

  • Firefox (as of v52)

  • Opera (as of v44)

Is there a desktop app for the PC or Mac?

There is no direct app in the store. However, some browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge) allow web apps, such as awork, to be installed directly from the browser.


awork is recognized by Chrome as a web app. This means that simply click on the + in the address bar and select Install. Now awork will open in its own window.

Mac: Now the Finder opens with the Chrome Apps folder and you can drag the awork app into your dock and use awork as an app.

Windows: awork appears in the Start menu under Recently Added Apps and can be right-clicked to add it to the Start menu or taskbar.


awork is recognized by Edge as a web app. I.e. just click on the + in the address bar and select Install. Now awork opens in its own window.

Now the browser window will be detached as an app and shown as a separate app in the taskbar. Here you will be able to pin awork. In addition, awork is also available as an app in the start menu.

Are there keyboard shortcuts in awork?

Yes, these shortcuts can be used everywhere when using awork:

  • ⌘ + J (Mac) / Ctrl + J (Windows) - Open Quick Actions

  • M - Open menu and fix / release menu bar

  • F - Open quick search

  • Z - Enter new time

  • T - Create new task

More information about Quick Actions can be found here.

Why can't I start a support chat?

If you click on Start Support Chat and nothing happens, it is probably due to an ad blocker. In order for you to chat with the support team, it must be disabled.

On working days, our support team is available between 09:00 and 18:00 (CEST - German time).

What happens if I remove myself from the admin role?

It is not possible to have no user assigned to the admin role. Accordingly, the last admin user cannot be removed from the role.

If you accidentally put yourself in a non-admin role, please reach out to one of the remaining admin users to have them make you an admin again.

Can I archive projects?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. However, it is possible to set the project status to completed. If you select only the active projects in the project overview, the project will no longer be shown to you.

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