Set up the Microsoft Teams integration

To set up the integration, go to the channel in Microsoft Teams that you want to connect to awork. From there, go to Options and select Connectors.

Now search for the awork app in the top right corner. Then click Configure on the awork app, log in to awork, and select the project you want to connect to the Teams channel.

Then you select the notifications you wish to be posted to your Teams channel.


Create awork tab in Microsoft Teams

To display awork as a tab in the Teams channel, simply click on the plus button in the tab bar. A pop-up will open where you can search for awork. Now just click on the awork logo, log in to awork and connect the project to the channel. You have to log into awork a second time. After that awork is available as a tab in the Teams channel.


Edit tasks in Teams

When an update to a task from awork is posted to your Microsoft Teams channel, you will see several actions you can take directly on the task from Teams.


Using the buttons, you can change the status, appoint a user, set a deadline, or comment on the task.


Create tasks/time tracking from Teams

With the awork teams integration, you can also work directly between Teams and awork.. You can use the following @-commands :

  • /add [task] - creates a new task in awork project

  • /comment [task]:[text] - Creates a comment to the entered task

  • /start [task/project] - Start time tracking on a task/project

  • /stop - Stop running time tracking

  • /help - Shows you all options for the awork bot

So, for example, just type @awork /add create design for logo in teams, and the task create design for logo will be created in the linked project.

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