In awork you can create your own private tasks for your daily work or you can create tasks in projects. But what makes the difference?

Private tasks

Private tasks can only be seen by yourself, unless you give them to another user. You can pass them on by assigning the task to another user. You will still be able to see this task under Tasks > My Tasks.

Other users don't have access to your private task.

In the section Tasks > My Tasks all your private, open tasks are displayed. If you group the overview by project, you have a separate list for your private tasks, in which you can also sort tasks freely by drag & drop.

Private tasks can't belong to specially created task lists.

Project tasks

Project tasks are tasks that have a project reference. As soon as you create a task in a project reference or assign a private task to a project, it will be moved to the project. All users who are allowed to see the tasks of the project can also see this task then.

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