To configure a new webhook, go to Settings > Integrations and open the integrations library. Now select Webhooks.

Then enter all the necessary information such as name, URL and activate authentication if required. Now you need to select the awork event that should trigger the webhooks and test it in the webhooks.

All webhooks are displayed in the list Already integrated on the integration page. You'll be able to edit, pause, check the logs, or delete the webhook here..

Following events are available for webhooks

  • Task created

  • Task deleted

  • Task status changed

  • File deleted

  • File added

  • Added comment to task

  • Added comment to project

  • Customers deleted

  • Customers added

  • Project deleted

  • Project added

  • Project status changed

  • User activation changed

  • User deleted

  • User added

  • User removed from project

  • User removed from task

  • User assigned to task

  • User added to project

  • User status changed

  • Time tracking entry deleted

  • Time tracking entry added

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