The workload overview shows you the workload of your team in a timeline.

The workload is calculated smartly from planned projects, tasks, deadlines and takes into account already recorded time.

The workload view always starts with today and only considers the future. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Only currently open tasks and projects are taken into account. A view of the past is thus quickly distorted as soon as tasks and projects are completed.

  2. Unfinished tasks and projects are pushed into the future. Today always plays an important role in how the open effort is distributed over time.

More about this in the workload calculation section.

Select displayed users

Which users you want to see in the workload overview often depends on the use case. By clicking on the button "Select user" or the dashed button at the end of the user list you can select the displayed users. Here you can choose from three different selection options and combine them as you like:

  1. Select individual users

  2. Select teams (all users of the team)

  3. Select project (all members of the project)

Weekly working time / available capacity

The dashed line represents the available capacity of users. The capacity is always given for the week and is distributed evenly over all weekdays (Mon-Fri). The number next to the name of the user indicates the weekly working time in hours. The value can also be easily edited here. Planned times due to projects and tasks are only distributed evenly over the available days.

Show projects, appointments and tasks of users

To see more information about which projects and tasks are scheduled for a user, you can move your mouse over the respective day in the workload chart. Here you can see how the workload is composed for the respective day.

Another possibility is to unfold a user line by clicking the small arrow button. In the expanded state you see a line for the entered absences. In the block below you see all projects and tasks that are scheduled for the user (with start & end time).

Appointments and tasks entered in the calendar are not visible in this view. By clicking on the respective day in the workload chart you will get to the selected day in the planner view. (Calendar)

Project or task is not displayed?

This is usually because they are hidden by the filter. To do this, go to the small gear icon at the top right and check the filters for the workload view.

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