Create Projects

When you log in to awork for the first time, we will guide you through the process to create your first project. Afterwards there are some options to create a new project:

  1. Global add button


  1. Dashboard Widget


  1. Project Overview


     4. Main Menu



Creating a project

When creating a project, you need to select a project type. If done, you can add basic information to your project:

  • Project Name
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Customer (You can add a new one if you would like to)
  • Planned Effort
  • Team

Now you just need to select the status for your project and click on create. If you check "Navigate to project" you will be forwarded to your new project.


Project Overview

To get to the project overview navigate to "Workspace" / "Projects". You have the option to show

  • All projects
  • Projects that are in progress
  • Projects that are done


Within each view projects are ordered by project status. You can perform the following actions

  1. Click on the project to go to the project details
  2. Start a time tracking timer for a project
  3. Edit project
  4. Change proejct status
  5. Change project type
  6. Delete the project


If you are in the project details you can easily get the project overview back by clicking on the “Projects” Button (1). If you want, you can lock the list on your screen, so that it stays expanded (2).


Project Details

Detail Page

You can set the following things in the project details:

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Tags
  4. Enable/Disable Notifications
  5. Customer
  6. Project Team
  7. Change the status
  8. Track time
  9. Edit / delete the project and change project type


While editing the project you can also set the Start Date, Due Date and Planned effort


Activity Log

The activity shows you everything that has happened in your project. But you can also comment on your project, upload / download files within the comments or tag your team members via the @ Button.


Project Tasks

Within the project tasks you have two options to view your tasks

  1. Lists
  2. (Kanban-) Board



To organize yourself within your project you can create lists that are like a container for your tasks. Reorder lists within your project by drag & drop. You can also move tasks by drag & drop between the lists. To add a new list just click on “Add list here” above or below a list.


The easiest way to interact with multiple tasks is just clicking on the name of the task. awork will give you a split screen view where you can easily work within the task details and switch between tasks. You can find more information about how to create / manage task via lists here.


The list view itself gives you also the option to

  1. Add new tasks
  2. Decide if you want tasks to be shown which are done
  3. Import Task Bundles
  4. Search


(Kanban-) Board

The board enables the Kanban view for your project. You have different columns according to your project statuses. You can add new columns by clicking on the right sight of the screen and move them by drag & drop.


You can drag & drop the task through the different columns and perform the following actions:

  1. Set task status (moves the task between columns)
  2. Start time tracking
  3. Set due date
  4. Set assignee
  5. Edit task
  6. Duplicate task
  7. Create new time entry
  8. Delete task


The (Kanban-) board view itself gives you also the option to

  1. Add new tasks
  2. Import Task Bundles
  3. Search


Project Times

The project times show you all times that got tracked on a project. Time trackings from timers that are still running do not show up here.

On this page you can

  1. Switch between day or week view
  2. Switch between month
  3. Set filters
  4. Edit or delete entries


Client overview

Clients help you to easily see for whom you are doing a certain project. This is also a good way for your team to see if you are working on an internal or external project. Furthermore you will find an overview about all projects for a certain client in the detailed client view.

To see the client overview nagivate to "Workspace" / "Clients". On this screen you can create new clients (1) or edit / delete (2) existing clients. 


If you click on a clients name you will be forwarded to the clients detais. Here you have an overview about all the contact information (1) and the active projects (2) of this client. You can also switch to the overall project overview (3) for the client to filter for certain projects and see inactive projects, too. 



Is there a kanban board in awork?

Yes, you can switch between a list view and the kanban view within the project tasks.

How can I create project roles?

Project roles can be created / edited within project types. To see how to create / edit them follow this link.

Why do I need Project Types?

It is important to keep an overview about your projects; therefore, you can classify them as project types to know directly what kind of project it is. If you want to know how to create a project type you can look it up here.

Furthermore, you can assign statuses, roles and task bundles to a project type. This way you save a lot of time creating new projects by using the project types.

Why do I need a Project Team?

The project team shows you who is working on a certain project and also gives you an indication about the responsibility of a user concerning a project.

You can change the project team for a project within the project details.

The users' project role also sets permissions for this specific project. That way you can include external users such as clients or freelancers without having to grant access to your entire awork workspace.


How can I use Project Tags?

There are different reasons to tag projects in awork. You can classify projects by tagging them for example. This can be helpful, e.g. if you want to tag critical projects or just projects with the same type.

Later on, you can easily search for the projects by using the tag filter or set a filter with certain tags in the project overview.

What do I need to setup before creating a project?

Actually, you don't need to prepare anything. awork provides you with a basic set of settings right from the start.

But if you want to customize your settings you may do a few steps before your start. First you can create a project type and assign task bundles to the project type.