Create Projects

When you log in to awork for the first time, we will guide you through the process to create your first project. Afterwards there are some options to create a new project:

  1. Global add button


  1. Dashboard Widget


  1. Project Overview


     4. Main Menu



Creating a project

When creating a project, you need to select a project type. If done, you can add basic information to your project:

  • Project Name
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Customer (You can add a new one if you would like to)
  • Planned Effort
  • Tag
  • Team

Now you just need to select the status for your project and click on create. If you check "Navigate to project" you will be forwarded to your new project.


Project Overview

To get to the project overview navigate to "Workspace" / "Projects". You have the option to show

  • All projects
  • Projects that are in progress
  • Projects that are done


Within each view projects are ordered by project status. You can perform the following actions

  1. Click on the project to go to the project details
  2. Start a time tracking timer for a project
  3. Edit project
  4. Change proejct status
  5. Change project type
  6. Delete the project


If you are in the project details you can easily get the project overview back by clicking on the “Projects” Button (1). If you want, you can lock the list on your screen, so that it stays expanded (2).


Pin projects

You can pin your most important projects to the menu. This way they will stay always on top of your list.


Project Details

Detail Page

You can set the following things in the project details:

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Tags
  4. Change the status
  5. Enable/Disable Notifications
  6. Edit / delete the project and change project type
  7. Track time
  8. See Deadline
  9. See Tracked Time
  10. See number of finished tasks
  11. Project Progress (Switch between Progress by finished tasks or tracked time)
  12. Customer
  13. Project Team


While editing the project you can also edit the following parts:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Client
  • Team


Activity Log

The activity shows you everything that has happened in your project. But you can also comment on your project, upload / download files within the comments or tag your team members via the @ Button.


Project Tasks

Within the project tasks you have multiple options to view your tasks

  1. Lists
  2. (Kanban-) Board
  3. Timeline

To switch between the views, just click on the button on top. The tasks are the same in each view, so you can work in the view that suits you best. 

Tipp: awork will remember the view that you selected the last time for each project individually. 


Project Task - Lists

To organize yourself within your project you can create lists that are like a container for your tasks. 

Create task lists

To create a new task list, you can either click on the "+" button or move your mouse to the position where you want to create the task list. Now there will be an option to create a new list, that you just need to click. Afterwards you can type the name for the list.


Reorder task lists

You can reorder task lists by drag & drop or with the Manage task lists option. 

You can also move tasks between lists via drag & drop.


Quick actions

Some task actions can be performed directly from the list view:

  1. Change the task status
  2. Move the task to another list
  3. Set a deadline
  4. Start the timer for a task
  5. Change the assignee
  6. Edit further details


Show Progress

If you hover over a list it shows it's progress. There are two options for the progress calculation. You can switch between them by clicking of the progress.

  • Done Task / Overall Tasks
  • Tracked time / Planned Time


Hide or archive lists

You can hide lists by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner.


If a list should not be shown at all, you can archive it. Click on Manage tasks lists. By clicking on the three dots you will have the following options:

  • Archive list
  • Delete List (tasks will be move to without list)
  • Delete all tasks from a list

If you choose to archive the list, the list will not show up in your project anymore, but you can reactivate it at any time. If there are still open tasks in your list, you need to choose one of the following options:

  • Move the tasks to another list
  • Move the tasks to without list
  • Set tasks to done
  • Delete tasks


Lists on large screens

On large screens, your task view expands with several columns that give you even more information about your tasks at first glance.

In addition, a minimap is displayed on the right side of the screen, providing a bird's eye view of all tasks and lists. Here you can quickly see where you are with your view and can navigate to the task lists by clicking on the respective area of the minimap.

Open task details

The easiest way to interact with multiple tasks is just clicking on the name of the task. awork will give you a split screen view where you can easily work within the task details and switch between tasks. You can find more information about how to create / manage task via lists here.


Import tasks bundles

You can import predefined task bundles into your project. You will find more information how to do it here.

Project Tasks – Board

The board enables the Kanban view for your project. You have different columns according to your project statuses and can move tasks between columns by drag & drop or via a change of the task status. If you change the tasks status in another view (e.g. list or timeline) it will switch the column, too. 


Add new columns

You can add new columns by clicking on an empty column and move them by drag & drop.


Edit tasks

You can change the assignee and the deadline of a task directly in the card with a click on the progress  icon. 


You can edit even more task details - like subtasks or activity log - by clicking on the tasks name.


Grouping by list/user

You can group your board by list or user to get a better overview of your tasks.


Presentation mode

If you click the presentation mode icon, awork just shows the most important information (task name, description, picture) on the board. This helps to get a much better overview of the board. 



Does awork save the last tab in my projects?

Yes, awork remembers the tab (details, tasks, times) that you used last in your projects and will open the tab when you come back to your project again.

For project tasks awork remembers of you used the list, board or timeline. 

How is a projects progress calculated?

The progress of a project will be calculated in two ways:

  1. Tracked hours / Planned effort
  2. Number of done tasks / Number of planned tasks

The planned effort for a project is the sum of the planned efforts set in the project tasks.

You can switch between the modes by clicking on the progress icon.  


Is there a kanban board in awork?

Yes, you can switch between a list view and the kanban view within the project tasks.

Why do I need Project Types?

It is important to keep an overview about your projects; therefore, you can classify them as project types to know directly what kind of project it is. If you want to know how to create a project type you can look it up here.

Furthermore, you can assign statuses, and task bundles to a project type. This way you save a lot of time creating new projects by using the project types.

Why do I need a Project Team?

The project team shows you who is working on a certain project and also gives you an indication about the responsibility of a user concerning a project.

You can change the project team for a project within the project details.

The users' project role also sets permissions for this specific project. That way you can include external users such as clients or freelancers without having to grant access to your entire awork workspace.


How can I use Project Tags?

There are different reasons to tag projects in awork. You can classify projects by tagging them for example. This can be helpful, e.g. if you want to tag critical projects or just projects with the same type.

Later on, you can easily search for the projects by using the tag filter or set a filter with certain tags in the project overview.

One example would be to tag your projects by team. You can not create task views for your different teams.