First steps in awork

These first steps should include everything you need to get productive with awork. They are meant to be read in this order.

Getting Started

Register for awork / awork login

There are two ways to create an awork account:

  1. Via Email
  2. Via Google Sign up

1. Register via Email

You can just enter your Email address (1), set a passwort (2) and create your account.


2. Register / Login via Google

You can use your Google account to create an awork workspace. Just select "Sign up with Google", select your Google accout and connect it with awork.


To log in to awork later select "Login with Google", select the Google account you linked with your awork workspace and you are good to go.


Of couse, you can link existing awork accounts with Google or delete the link later on.  

Your first steps in awork

To really get into awork you should try the following things:

1. Create additional projects


2. Create a task list and some task in your projects


3. Try the time tracking functions in awork:


Have a fun a productive start with awork 💪😊

Getting help from us

To give you an awesome experience with awork we are here to help you. If you navigate to "Help" you will find the following options:

  • About awork: Here are some details about your awork version
  • Docs: A direct link to our help center
  • New support ticket: You can create a ticket for our support team here.
  • Starts support chat: You can chat with our support team between monday and friday 9am to 6pm.




The dashboard gives you an overview of the most important things in your workspace.


Today's Time Tracking

The circle shows how much of your day (base = 8 hours) you have already tracked. The button on the left will send you to your detailed time tracking overview and you can create new time entries via the "+" button.

Below the circle you will see the list of all your tracked times for today. Here you can edit or delete them via the three dots. 


My Notes

Here you can leave notes, e.g. if you need to take notes during a call. 


My Projects 

The Projects widget shows all projects where you are a team member. Clicking on the title leads you to the project overview page. You can create new projects via the "+" button or jump directly into a project by clicking on its name.

Hint: If there are more than 3 projects in your workspace, only projects in progress will be shown. 


My Tasks 

This widget shows all your tasks. A click on the title leads you to your detailed task overview. If you click on a task, the task details will open. You can edit, delete or track time for a task via the three dot menu.

We also show the project and deadline for each task. 

Hint: If there are more than 3 projects in your workspace, only tasks from projects in progress will be shown. 


How does search work in awork?

To activate the search in awork just click on the search button in the X or hit the “s” button. awork will automatically give you suggestions based on your actions / searches in the past. But you can of course search for everything by typing. You can search for the names of all entities and tags you have set.

If you want to can edit entities directly from the search, e.g. marking a task as finished or changing a project status.


How do table filters work?

To filter tables in awork just hit the filter button above the table. You can now either add a filter or select one of your saved filters.

When adding a new filter, you can select from different categories and set the filter. Afterwards you can type a new for the filter on the left side and click on the save icon to the right of your filter.


How do notifications work?

There are a host of notifications waiting for you in awork.

awork can send you notifications to help you manage your everyday business, remind you of important things and to give you smart advice. Those include notifications regarding project or task assignments and status changes, information on appointments and reminders for time trackings or birthdays.

You find the notifications tab on the upper right side of awork If you click on the bell-button, you extend all notifications. New notifications will always show up extended at first. After a while, they will be minimized but you will still see the number of your new notifications on the bell. When clicking on a notification you will be directly forwarded to the concerned module.

Of course, you can individually decide, what types of notifications you want to receive. You will find information on that here: How do I manage my notification settings? You can also alternatively or additionally activate e-mail notifications.


How do I manage my notification settings?

To select which types of notifications you want to receive, click on your profile picture on the bottom left of your screen and select the module "My profile". Now switch over to the notifications tab.

Now you can see all the different types of notifications. With a simple click on the switch button you can activate and deactivate notifications. That includes e-mail notifications as well as notifications within awork itself.


Can I earn more free projects?

There are two ways to earn more free projects for your awork workspace. Just click on the “Free Projets” button and choose the ways to suits you best.

  1. Invite friends to get more productive with awork
  2. Share your love for awork

Invite friends to get more productive with awork

You (and your friends) will get a free project in your workspace for every new awork workspace your friends create via your recommendation. So if you help your friends to be more productive we will help you to be more productive.


Share your love for awork

You love talking about awork? So do we! Because of this you can send us a link to a tweet, Instagram post or any cool thing that you post publicly about awork you can earn a free project for your workspace.

Our team will check each request and if we like it you will get your free project.


Tipp: The maximum number of projects in the free plan is 10. This gives you the option to earn up to 7 additional projects.