Partner Program


Linking to awork using your partner code

In order to track how many users reach us via your sites or posts, you should use your partner code in all links to awork.

You'll get your partner code via email after registering as a partner. It has the format AFLT-XXXX-YY.

To use the code in your links, simply add it to any awork url (including our blog) in the following format:


Once we start seeing traffic with your code, we'll send you a regular report with details of your users' page visits.

Important: Since this method is no longer 100% reliable in times of ad and tracking blockers, multi-device usage etc., your users still need to manually enter your partner code during checkout to receive their partner discount and to qualify for your partner payment - so you should make them aware of this.


Is there a limit to how much I can earn as an awork partner?

No, there is no upper limit to our partner payments. We'll reimburse you for every awork team signing up to a paid plan with your partner code. You'll find the details on our partner page:

How can I register as an awork partner?

You'll find the direct link to our partner registration on our website at

What is the difference between Supporter and Reseller?


As a supporter you are an affiliate or referral. This means that you recommend awork (as a private person) either to your business network (affiliate) via advertising material or to your friends and network (referral). You will then receive a commission from us for each successfully recruited awork workspace.


As a reseller, you recommend awork (as a company) to your customers. This is particularly suitable for consultations or system houses. The commission from the affiliate program plus your individual consulting fee, e.g. for advice or implementation. Individual agreements are also possible.