awork Updates / Releases

Updates / Releases

Dino πŸ¦– – 04.04.2021

Create tasks faster with shortcuts

Game changer! You can now use the shortcut "t" to open the new task window from anywhere in awork, enter tasks quickly and assign projects, lists and people using slash commands. Be sure to try it out! 🀩

Edit several tasks at the same time

Finally! πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ From the task lists, it is now possible to select several tasks and edit them, assign them to a user or move them to another project.


Improved formatting options

There are now a number of new features in the description fields of projects and tasks that make it easier to write comprehensive and cleanly formatted briefings, e.g. with separators, multi-level lists and the help of intuitive shortcuts. 

Emoji reactions for comments

You can now respond to comments quickly and with heart in awork too, with the new emoji reactions.


Drag and drop files for comments

Files can be dropped directly into the field for writing new comments in order to attach them to the comment. This works even if you haven't written anything yet.


Formatting for comments πŸ’œ

The new formatting is now also available for comments!


Video preview in comments

If you post a video link (Youtube, Loom, etc.) in a comment, awork now automatically generates a video preview and the video can be played directly.  

Recurring tasks with times

We have improved the recurring tasks and you can now define when the first new task should be created, at what time and when the deadline should be.

Many small improvements πŸ¦–

In addition, we have made many small improvements and corrections to make working with awork even more joyful. These include, for example, the filter for the task selection, the prio flag in the automations, the editability of tags from the task lists, and many more. 



Baboon πŸ’ – 20.12.2020

Export timeline as PDF 🀩

You can now export your project timeline as a PDF. This way you can send it to your client or include it in the next presentation.


Move dependent tasks along

In the timeline you can activate the automatic moving of dependent tasks. As soon as you can move tasks in the timeline, the subsequent tasks are also moved.


File previews for PDFs and MS Office documents

The file preview now also shows PDFs, all kinds of MS Office documents and videos.


Set project time budgets

The new project time budget allows you to set a budget for the entire project and measure progress against it.


Start timer from dashboard

The timer can be restarted from the action menu on any task, project or time. This is especially nice on the dashboard or search. 


Mark projects as (not) billable by default 

In the project settings, a project can be marked as billable by default. All times that are tracked on the project are automatically pre-marked as billable.  


Set default project role

You can mark one of your project roles as the default role in the awork settings. This will automatically preselect this role when you staff your next project team.


Mention project team, teams or the entire workspace in comments

With @project, @workspace or the team name you can mark and notify larger groups of people in the project and task comments.


Transferring changes to automations

If you change an automation in the project types, you can now transfer these changes to all projects of the type.


Group project overview

The project overview finally has its own grouping. Group the projects e.g. by customer, user, deadline or project type. πŸ’ͺ


Improvements up and down

Many small optimisations are waiting for you, such as preventing accidentally sent notifications, optimised drag behaviour for tasks without lists, not so frequent loading of the project team when assigning tasks, comments are now only sent with ctrl+enter - no longer with shift+enter

Alpaca πŸ¦™ – 21.11.2020

Individual capacity per user

Define the weekly capacity for each user individually, so that you can plan your team better. The new capacity also automatically adjusts when the green circle for time recording is full. 

Google-Drive and One-Drive Integration

Files can now also be attached to tasks, projects or comments from Google or One-Drive. No setup is necessary for this. Simply select directly and get started.


New widget for project progress

A new widget in battery style shows you the current status of how many tasks in your project. Get it right away!


All kinds of navigation simplifications

We have optimised the navigation in many small places. Tasks on the dashboard can now be opened in one window, the link to a task can be easily copied and shared, you can jump directly from the time recording entries to the project or task, the project search also searches the customer name, files can be opened directly with a click, and a few more. 

Sweet new login area

We have cleaned up the login area. It is nicer, clearer and all information is easier to see.


A few cool little things

The duration input, e.g. in time recording, now also allows the format 4:30 for 4h 30m. The first day of the week is now automatically based on the region settings in the browser. AND: We have an alpaca hidden somewhere in awork. πŸ¦™ πŸ‘ˆβ“

All for the team ✊ - 04.10.2020

Teams for your workspace

Create teams and assign users and projects to the teams to limit the visibility of projects and manage larger numbers of users more easily.

More powerful task bundles

The task bundles have been upgraded and you now can also assign users or project roles already in the templates, attach files, etc.


Filter task views by status name

In the task views or on the dashboard you now have the possibility to filter by the name of a task status if you only want to see the tasks with a specific status.

Edit dependencies in tasks

Task dependencies can no longer be edited in the timeline only, but can be set in the task details for all project tasks - even for tasks without start and end date.

Better display of the workload

In the team planning, the actual workload is now displayed for the users in mouse-over.

Small improvements

The user profile settings have moved to the first tab of the profile, making them more accessible.

If you create another workspace, there is a new intermediate step to avoid accidentally creating a new workspace.

Did that from home - 13.09.2020

πŸ’» File storage in projects

Your project now has its own file storage! Best of all, it automatically shows the files of all tasks as well.

πŸ’» Copy & paste for images in the comments πŸ₯³

You can now easily copy and paste images into comments and add them to your tasks or projects easily. 

πŸ’» Advanced list views

On large screens (min Full-HD) awork grows a bit and shows you more details in the list views of projects, users, clients and tasks.

πŸ’» Minimap in task lists

Keep the best overview in cases of long and many task lists in your projects with the new minimap - a bird's eye view of your lists and tasks.

πŸ’» Settings for time tracking

New workspace settings allow you to restrict when times can be created and edited. 

πŸ’» Login with Apple ID

From now on you can also register with your Apple ID and then login. You can link your existing awork account to your Apple ID as well.

πŸ’» Recommend awork and save money

Every successful recommendation (new contract over 12 or 24 months) discounts your next invoice by the 1-month value of the new contract. The referred workspace will receive the same discount on the first invoice.