awork Updates / Releases

Updates / Releases

Did that from home - 13.09.2020

πŸ’» File storage in projects

Your project now has its own file storage! Best of all, it automatically shows the files of all tasks as well.

πŸ’» Copy & paste for images in the comments πŸ₯³

You can now easily copy and paste images into comments and add them to your tasks or projects easily. 

πŸ’» Advanced list views

On large screens (min Full-HD) awork grows a bit and shows you more details in the list views of projects, users, clients and tasks.

πŸ’» Minimap in task lists

Keep the best overview in cases of long and many task lists in your projects with the new minimap - a bird's eye view of your lists and tasks.

πŸ’» Settings for time tracking

New workspace settings allow you to restrict when times can be created and edited. 

πŸ’» Login with Apple ID

From now on you can also register with your Apple ID and then login. You can link your existing awork account to your Apple ID as well.

πŸ’» Recommend awork and save money

Every successful recommendation (new contract over 12 or 24 months) discounts your next invoice by the 1-month value of the new contract. The referred workspace will receive the same discount on the first invoice.

Summer time awesomeness - 12.07.2020

πŸ’» Tags 2.0

Tags now have a free choice of colors, a cooler design, can be renamed and deleted. 

πŸ’» New filters for task views

We have added several new filters for the task views. You can now filter by tasks without deadlines as well as by tasks via customer tags (the customer of the project the tasks belong to).

πŸ’» Creating tasks despite grouping 

Under "My tasks" you can now quickly and easily add new tasks to grouped lists. The corresponding value for the group will be added directly to the task, e.g. the appropriate deadline in case of time grouping.

πŸ’» Edit dashboard task filters

The task views you use for your dashboard widgets can now be edited directly from the widget settings.

πŸ’» Sort tasks by start date

Under "My tasks" and the task views you can now sort the tasks by start date.

πŸ’» Revised time overviews

We have revised the view "Times" within a project, a user or a task. Everything is now clearer and more grouping options are available.

πŸ’» Subscription in workspace settings

In the workspace settings you can now see your current awork plan and you can easily edit it from there. In the main menu it was sometimes just too hard to find.

πŸ’» Sidebar draggable in the timeline

The bar with the unplanned tasks can now be dragged and dropped to the desired width. In this way even long task names can be easily recognized.

πŸ’» oAuth 2.0 for Lexoffice integration

We have changed the authentication for the Lexoffice integration to oAuth 2.0. From now on an integration can only be set up via oAuth 2.0. However, existing integrations will continue to work. A small goodie on the side: A newly created invoice about the LexOffice integration now opens directly in the edit mode.

πŸ’» Rejected appointments no longer in calendar

Under "My Times", appointments that you have already rejected are no longer displayed. So the view is more like your actual calendar.

πŸ’» Task export to Excel

You can now export the tasks in a project or task view to an Excel file and process them further for individual evaluations, printing, etc.

πŸ’» Many UI improvements and bug fixes πŸ™Œ

We have put a lot of effort into it and made a lot of mini-optimizations. These include, for example, more intuitive message entry in the automations; an improved view of the board columns even on larger screens; a dark mode view of the note widget; and much more.

Let’s get automated - 18.05.2020

πŸ’» Automations

From now on you can set if-this-than-that conditions for projects and project types in awork and automate your processes this ways. This should make you even more productive. 

πŸ’» Field Others for clients

You gave us the feedback that you want to include more information about your clients. Because of that you can now create your own fields for clients. 

πŸ’» Dashboard - awork now saves the size of your activity widget

awork will now remember the size (number of entries) of your activity widget, like all other widgets already did. 


Driving in Autopilot - 12.04.2020

πŸ’» Autopilot

The autopilot helps you to manage your projects. It keeps your project progress in check and proactively informs projects members and project managers via e-mail about to-do's and deadlines. 

πŸ’» / πŸ“± Client names in projects and tasks

We now show the client names in more places making it easier for you to identify which client a task / project belongs to. 

πŸ’» Settings in projects

Projects now have a new tab with a settings page, where you can set the board columns (task status), manage the autopilot and the integrations. 

πŸ’» Set a custom URL for your workspace (Enterprise Plan) 

If you use the enterprise plan you can now set a custom URL in your workspace settings. 

πŸ’» Time Reports: Notes are no longer shortened when exporting times via PDF

We now show the complete note of the time entries in the exported PDFs

Home is where your dashboard is - 19.02.2020

πŸ’» Customize your dashboard

You can now configure your dashboard to your liking. We also added some new widgets that should make you even more productive.

πŸ’» Microsoft Teams Integration

It's finally here ... almost - as soon as Microsoft approves our App in the Teams store you can integrate Teams with awork.

πŸ’» Group (Kanban-) boards by list and user

You can now group your boards by list and user. This will help to get a better overview for your tasks.

πŸ“± Group/sort My Tasks

Until now all tasks were grouped by project in our mobile app. From now on you can group them the way you like, e.g. by due date. 

πŸ’» Install awork as a web app

Chrome und Edge now recognize awork as a web app. Because of this you can install them directly from your browser on your PC or Mac.