awork Updates / Releases

Updates / Releases

Let’s get automated - 18.05.2020

💻 Automations

From now on you can set if-this-than-that conditions for projects and project types in awork and automate your processes this ways. This should make you even more productive. 

💻 Field Others for clients

You gave us the feedback that you want to include more information about your clients. Because of that you can now create your own fields for clients. 

💻 Dashboard - awork now saves the size of your activity widget

awork will now remember the size (number of entries) of your activity widget, like all other widgets already did. 


Driving in Autopilot - 12.04.2020

💻 Autopilot

The autopilot helps you to manage your projects. It keeps your project progress in check and proactively informs projects members and project managers via e-mail about to-do's and deadlines. 

💻 / 📱 Client names in projects and tasks

We now show the client names in more places making it easier for you to identify which client a task / project belongs to. 

💻 Settings in projects

Projects now have a new tab with a settings page, where you can set the board columns (task status), manage the autopilot and the integrations. 

💻 Set a custom URL for your workspace (Enterprise Plan) 

If you use the enterprise plan you can now set a custom URL in your workspace settings. 

💻 Time Reports: Notes are no longer shortened when exporting times via PDF

We now show the complete note of the time entries in the exported PDFs

Home is where your dashboard is - 19.02.2020

💻 Customize your dashboard

You can now configure your dashboard to your liking. We also added some new widgets that should make you even more productive.

💻 Microsoft Teams Integration

It's finally here ... almost - as soon as Microsoft approves our App in the Teams store you can integrate Teams with awork.

💻 Group (Kanban-) boards by list and user

You can now group your boards by list and user. This will help to get a better overview for your tasks.

📱 Group/sort My Tasks

Until now all tasks were grouped by project in our mobile app. From now on you can group them the way you like, e.g. by due date. 

💻 Install awork as a web app

Chrome und Edge now recognize awork as a web app. Because of this you can install them directly from your browser on your PC or Mac.


New Year’s polishing for a shiny, sparkling 2020 - 14.01.2019

💻 Rework for project types

It's now easier to set up new project types. We move the project roles from project types to the permission management. Now all roles will automatically be available for all project types. Furthermore project statuses are now set for every project type and will not be shared anymore. We also reworked the interface for a better usability.  

📱 Darkmode for mobile app

The darkmode is now available for our mobile app, too.

💻 Grouping and sorting for tasks in task views 

You can now group and sort tasks in task views, as you can do in my tasks

💻/📱 Other Updates

  • My Time Tracking: The week view now shows the sum for the week.
  • My Time Tracking: You can now duplicate time tracking entries.
  • Slack-Integration: The name of the linked project is now shown in the projects details.
  • We now save your last tab (details, tasks, times) for every project.
  • Task views: We now show your private tasks, too. Of course you can see only your private tasks.
  • Projects can now be pinned to the menu.
  • Dashboard: We now show the client name when hovering a task.

Christmas Presents - 12.12.2019

💻 Team Planner (Premium-Plan)

The Team Planner is the Timeline that shows all your projects. But there is also a second view that shows you the Timeline order by team members so that you can get the perfect overview of what everyone in your team is doing.

💻 Billing Integration (Premium-Plan)

You can now create invoices directly from awork with our new Billing Integration. The integration works with the following tools:

💻 Guest Access

You can now invite guests into your workspace. A guest can only be assigned to one project but will only take up 1/3 of a normal license. So you can invite 1 full user or 3 guests per license. 

💻 Recurring Tasks

You can now repeat tasks. That will help to keep track of your recurring tasks.

💻 Grouping and Ordering in My Tasks

You can now group and order task lists in the My Tasks view. 

💻 Darkmode

With the cold and dark time of the year awork changes its colors, too. You now have the option to activate dark mode in awork. 

💻 / 📱 Use own Icons for Tasks Status

To get a better overview of your tasks you can now set custom task status icons. There is also a new color (purple) for the status type In Review.

💻 / 📱 Changes in the Permissions for Project Times

If a user has no permission for project times or user times they will not be able to see aggregated times for projects and tasks. This will be helpful if you invite your clients into your workspace with the new guest access. 

💻 Project deadline can now be edited inline

That means you don't need to open the edit modal anymore.