Getting Started

Register for awork / awork login

Go to or to sign-up for awork. Then click on Try out for FREE to sign-up. This automatically starts your 14 day free trial.


There are two ways to create an awork account:

  1. Via Email
  2. Via Google Sign up
  3. Via Apple Sign up

1. Register via Email

You can just enter your Email address (1), set a passwort (2) and create your account.


2. Register / Login via Google or Apple

You can use your Google or Apple account to create an awork workspace. Just select "Sign up with Google/Apple", select your account and connect it with awork.


To log in to awork later select "Login with Google/Apple", select the account you linked with your awork workspace and you are good to go.


Of course, you can link existing awork accounts with Google/Apple or delete the link later on.  

Your first steps in awork

To really get into awork you should try the following things:

1. Create additional projects


2. Create a task list and some task in your projects


3. Try the time tracking functions in awork:


Have a fun a productive start with awork 💪😊

Getting help from us

To give you an awesome experience with awork we are here to help you. If you navigate to "Help" you will find the following options:

  • About awork: Here are some details about your awork version
  • Docs: A direct link to our help center
  • New support ticket: You can create a ticket for our support team here.
  • Starts support chat: You can chat with our support team between monday and friday 9am to 6pm.