Getting Started

What is awork?

awork is the work management tool of the future. Get all your tasks in one place, organized in projects and lists. Smart notifications keep you up to date. The integrated time tracking is easier than ever. Have you dreamed about getting your information about todo's and project deadlines by your voice assistant? awork makes it happen!

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Register for awork / awork login

There are two ways to create an awork account:

  1. Via Email
  2. Via Google Sign up

1. Register via Email

You can just enter your Email address (1), set a passwort (2) and create your account.


2. Register / Login via Google

You can use your Google account to create an awork workspace. Just select "Sign up with Google", select your Google accout and connect it with awork.


To log in to awork later select "Login with Google", select the Google account you linked with your awork workspace and you are good to go.


Of couse, you can link existing awork accounts with Google or delete the link later on.  

Your first steps in awork

To really get into awork you should try the following things:

1. Create additional projects


2. Create a task list and some task in your projects


3. Try the time tracking functions in awork:


Have a fun a productive start with awork 💪😊

Getting help from us

To give you an awesome experience with awork we are here to help you. If you navigate to "Help" you will find the following options:

  • About awork: Here are some details about your awork version
  • Docs: A direct link to our help center
  • New support ticket: You can create a ticket for our support team here.
  • Starts support chat: You can chat with our support team between monday and friday 9am to 6pm.