Is it possible to create a new task status in a project / project board

The available task status will be defined for a project type and set in the project type settings.

But it is also possible to create a new status in the project board. Just click the "+" button on the right, name that status and move it to the desired position via drag & drop. This helps to edit your workflow on the go. The new status is also available in the list view for that project.


The colors stand for the following task status types:

  • Blue (To-Do): Tasks you are not working on, e.g. backlog tasks
  • Yellow (In Progress): Tasks you are actively working on
  • Red (Stuck): Task you can't work on, because there is an obstacle 
  • Green (Done): Task you have finished

Can I create Subtasks?

Yes, it is possible to create subtasks within a task. We show you how to do it in the article for the Task details.

Can I tag people for a task?

Yes, just go to the task details and create a comment using the @ sign in the activity log.

Depending on their individual notification settings, the tagged users will get notifications about your comment.


Can I assign one task to multiple users?

No, one task can only be assigned to one user. You may need to split the tasks into the parts for every user. 

Can I add files to a task?

Yes, just navigate to the task details and select “Attach file” or drag & drop it into the area. You can add one file at a time, but as many files as you like.


You are also able to add files to comments in the activity log. You you need to upload them with a comment. 

Is there a size limit for files that I add to a task?

No, currently there is no limit in place.

Why should I tag tasks?

When a task is tagged you can find the task (or a group of tagged tasks) easily by using the search typing the tag name.

Are there recurring tasks in awork?

Right now there are no recurring tasks in awork directly. But you can easily create recurring tasks in awork via our Zapier integration

Just follow the steps from our documentation and choose "Schedule" from Zapier as a trigger for your zap.



How can I prioritize tasks?

Yes, just click the priority icon with the task details.


Can I edit / delete multiple tasks at once?

Right now this is not possible in awork.