Can I edit or move several tasks at the same time?

You can select several tasks in the list views in awork and carry out certain actions.

You can do this under My tasks, the list view of tasks in a project and in the Task views.


To do this, select the tasks or entire lists using the checkboxes to the left of the task list that appear when you move the mouse over the task lines.

A bar now appears at the bottom of the window, showing how many tasks are selected and giving you various actions. Here you can deselect the tasks, then the bar disappears again, or you can carry out an action on all selected tasks.

The following actions are available.

Available actions

Change task status
Changes the status of the selected tasks. This action is only possible if the selected tasks all belong to the same project, because the task statuses can be different for each project.

Change assignee
Changes the assignee for all selected tasks. The assignee can also be removed.

Change deadline
Changes the deadline for all selected tasks. The deadline can also be removed.

Change project
Changes the project for all selected tasks. A new task status must also be selected here, because the task statuses can be completely different in the new project. A list can also be selected to which the tasks are to be moved.

Change list
Moves all selected tasks to another list. The tasks are automatically removed from all other lists. However, there is also the option to leave the tasks in the current lists and only add them to the selected list.

Change tags
Adds a tag to all selected tasks.

Change activity
Changes the activity for all selected tasks. Here you can also select whether the same activity should also be changed for all times entered on the task.

Set prio
Changes the priority for all selected tasks.

Delete tasks
Deletes the selected tasks.

Necessary permissions

In the Task views, global editing permissions are required for tasks in order to be able to edit tasks simultaneously from the freely defined filters.

In the list view of the tasks of a project, editing rights are only required for the tasks of the project.

Under My tasks, each user can edit their own private and project tasks simultaneously.

What is currently not possible?

Currently, no other actions are possible that are not listed above.

Furthermore, it is currently not possible to select and edit multiple tasks from the Dashboard, Board or Timeline view at the same time.

How can I link my Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive?

You can also attach files from the Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive / Sharepoint to tasks, projects and comments in awork.


How to do it

  1. Select the respective cloud drive during upload. A window for login will open (if none opens, see section below)
  2. Log in with your account and you can search your Cloud Drive.
  3. Select the file you want to attach.
  4. The file will then appear in your task, project or as a placeholder in your comment. 

You can delete the file in the same way as regularly uploaded files. Only the link of the file to awork is deleted. The file remains unaffected in your Cloud Drive.


The window does not open

If the window does not open automatically, your browser probably prevents the pop-up from opening. Depending on your browser, do the following:

Chrome: At the top right of the URL line a small symbol appears, which indicates that a popup has been prevented. Click on it and allow it for your awork URL. Then select your Cloud Drive again to attach the file.

Firefox: A yellow notification bar will appear indicating that a popup has been blocked. Click on "Settings" on the right side of the bar and allow it for your awork URL. Then select your Cloud Drive again to attach the file.

Safari: A notice will appear in the URL saying that a popup has been prevented. Click on the hint or on the small window icon and the popup will open.

If this does not help, it is possible that your browser blocks necessary cookies. 🍪


My colleague cannot open the file

The file from your cloud drive is only linked to awork.

Not everyone who is allowed to see the task or project in awork can automatically see the files in the selected Cloud Drive.

It is therefore possible that someone does not have access to the file. This must then be regulated separately in the drive itself.

For Google-Drive this can be easily done with a permission request, which you can send when you open a file which you don't have permissions for.

The easiest way is even to connect awork and Google-Drive with your Slack. Then you can answer these permission requests with one click from within Slack. 


I have to enter my password every time

It is best to save your Google or OneDrive login in your browser, then it is only an account selection. 

If you work with several accounts this comes in very handy. Furthermore, the procedure ensures that in awork no accounts per user have to be saved.  

Can I export tasks?

Yeah, sure!

You can export all tasks of a project or a task view into an Excel table (.xlsx) for further processing.

In the project you will find the export button in the action menu of the Tasks tab, while being in list view.


In the task views, the export button is also located in the upper right corner in the action menu.


Is it possible to create a new task status in a project / project board

The available task status will be defined for a project type and set in the project type settings.

But it is also possible to create a new status in the project board. Just click the "+" button on the right, name that status and move it to the desired position via drag & drop. This helps to edit your workflow on the go. The new status is also available in the list view for that project.


The colors stand for the following task status types:

  • Blue (To-Do): Tasks you are not working on, e.g. backlog tasks
  • Yellow (In Progress): Tasks you are actively working on
  • Red (Stuck): Task you can't work on, because there is an obstacle 
  • Purple (In Review): Waiting for superior or client
  • Green (Done): Task you have finished

Can I create Subtasks?

Yes, it is possible to create subtasks within a task. We show you how to do it in the article for the Task details.

Can I tag people for a task?

Yes, just go to the task details and create a comment using the @ sign in the activity log.

Depending on their individual notification settings, the tagged users will get notifications about your comment.


Can I assign one task to multiple users?

No, one task can only be assigned to one user. You may need to split the tasks into the parts for every user. 

Can I create tasks from Emails?

You can create private and project tasks from emails in awork. Have a look at this article: Tasks from emails

Can I add files to a task?

Yes, just navigate to the task details and select “Attach file” or drag & drop it into the area. You can add one file at a time, but as many files as you like.


You are also able to add files to comments in the activity log. You you need to upload them with a comment. 

Files that you attach to a comment will automatically appear as attachments in the task.

If you delete a comment 🗑, the attached file is not directly deleted from the task.

The attached files of the task will automatically appear in the project files if the necessary read permissions for the task are available. Here you can read more about the project files.


Mentioning files in comments

In addition to users, existing files can also be mentioned in comments. These are then automatically linked in the comment and a preview is also displayed for images.


In tasks, only files that also belong to the task can be mentioned.

In the project, all files from the project and the tasks can be mentioned, provided the corresponding rights are available. A file to which a user does not have access is not made visible to this user in the comment.

Is there a size limit for files that I add to a task?

Single files can be up to 1 GB. But there is no limit for the workspace right now.

Why should I tag tasks?

When a task is tagged you can find the task (or a group of tagged tasks) easily by using the search typing the tag name.

Are there recurring tasks in awork?

Yes there are recurring tasks. To repeat a task go to the task details, click on the three dots icon in the top right and select Repeat task.



Recurring tasks will be marked in task lists with an icon. If you click the icon you can edit the recurrence rule. If you do that from a task that is not the original one there will be an option to edit the original task. The reason for that is that awork copies the original task for every recurring task.


The following entities of the original task will be copied:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Subtasks
  • Attachments (just the initial one)
  • Watchers
  • Assignee
  • Lists
  • Initial status
  • Tags
  • Type of Work
  • Priority
  • Estimate

Tipp: Recurring Tasks will be created at 8am on the selected day.


You have the following options for the interval:

  • Day(s)
  • Week(s)
  • Month(s)
  • Year(s)

There are also different options for the intervals:


You can choose on which day(s) of a week a task should be repeated (1). Afterwards you can set how many days/weeks after the creation of the task the deadline will be (2).



First, you can select if a task will be repeated every week or another number of weeks (1). Then you can select the weekday on which the task will be repeated (2). Afterwards you can set how many days/weeks after the creation of the task the deadline will be (3).



There are two options for the monthly interval:

Select a certain day of the month

First, you can select if a task will be repeated every month or another number of months (1). Then you can select the day on which the task will be repeated (2). Afterwards, you can set how many days/weeks after the creation of the task the deadline will be (3).


Select a certain week of the month

First, you can select if a task will be repeated every month or another number of months (1). Then you can select the week (2) and the day (3) on which the task will be repeated. Afterwards, you can set how many days/weeks after the creation of the task the deadline will be (4).



First, you can select if a task will be repeated every year or another number of years (1). Then you can select the month and the day on which the task will be repeated (2). Afterwards, you can set how many days/weeks after the creation of the task the deadline will be (3).


Start time

In the start time field, you can select when the rule should come into effect. The interval starts at this time. By default, the rule is set to today. This means that the interval starts when the rule is created.

Example: You create a recurring task that is to appear every 4 weeks. With the setting today, the task will be created again in 4 weeks (taking into account the details of the set interval).

However, you can also choose the date freely, or select the task deadline as the start time (needs to be set in the task). In this case, the counting of the 4 weeks would only start with the deadline of the current task.

To help you, you will find a hint in the window at the bottom on which date exactly the next task will be created.


The time of the field represents the time at which the task will be created.

By default, this is set to 8:00 a.m. (the user's local time). If you set it to 6:00 a.m., for example, the task will be created 2 hours earlier.  


The deadline of the task is given relative to the creation, e.g. 7 days after creation.

If your task is created every 4 weeks, you can give it a relative deadline of 7 days. In this way, the task reappears every 4 weeks, but is not yet due immediately and the assigned user has 7 days to complete it.

Delete Recurrence

To delete a recurrence go to task details and click the recurring button. Now select remove and there will be no recurring tasks for this task anymore.


How can I prioritize tasks?

Yes, just click the priority icon with the task details.


Can I edit / delete multiple tasks at once?

Right now this is not possible in awork.