Global Time Tracking Button

You can track time via the global time tracking button from everywhere in awork. Just click on the stopwatch and your timer starts. This helps you especially when you need to start tracking times fast, e.g. a customer calls you, and when you want to add the details later, e.g. when the call is over.

You can add the following details to the timer immediately or later on:

  • Project
  • Task
  • Type of Work
  • Is the tracked time billable?
  • Note


Create time tracking via modal

When creating time via the time tracking modal you can edit the following options:

  • Date
  • Start Time (By scrolling though the times or typing it directly)
  • End Time (By scrolling though the times or typing it directly)
  • Duration
  • Duration per slider
  • Type of Work
  • Project
  • Task
  • Note
  • Is the time billable?

If you select “Log another time” the window will stay open so that you can directly create your next entry


My Time Tracking

You find three views in My Time Tracking

  • My Day
  • My Week
  • My Times

My Day

On the left side there is a circle that shows you how much time you have tracked on a certain day (you can switch between days using the arrows on top of the page). Right beneath there is a list of tracked times for the day, where you can edit / delete or just add a new time tracking.


There are dotted lines to show you when you logged in to awork and what the current time is. In the middle you can simply click and drag to create a new time tracking entry. If you do so the pop-up to create a time tracking will appear.

The symbol in the top left corner of each entry shows you the time tracking type. Next to your tracked times you will find recommendations for new time entries by awork or your calendar integration.

My Week

The Week View shows one week and all times you tracked in a certain week.

You can track times by clicking on the "+" button on a certain day. You will be able to edit or delete tracked times.

You can switch between weeks via the arrows at the top of the page.


My Times

The My Times view shows you all times that you tracked ordered by days or weeks. Timers that are still running do not show up here.

On this page you can

  1. Switch between day or week view
  2. Switch between month
  3. Edit or Delete entries


Time Tracking in Projects

There are multiple ways to track times in a project:

Start a timer on the project overview page


Start a timer on the project details page


Within project tasks.

Time Tracking in Tasks

You can start the time tracking from different places.

Task Lists

You can track time in the following ways:

  1. Start the timer for a task
  2. Enter a new time entry for a task


(Kanban-) Board

You can track time here in the following ways:

  1. Start the timer for a task
  2. Enter a new time entry for a task


Time Tracking Reports

The Time Tracking Reports are an aggregated view for all time tracking entries tracked in your workspace. It shows you the tracked time for a certain month (1) by either day or week (2).

You can control your time trackings by the following dimensions (3):

  • User: How much time has a certain user tracked?
  • Project: How much time was tracked on each project?
  • Clients: How for time was tracked for a client?
  • Types: How much time was tracked for a type of work?

There is a bar on top (4) that shows how much time is

  • Already billed
  • Billable
  • Not Billable

The main focus shows you the tracked time for the dimension and timeframe selected (5).

You can of course set filters for each view (6) and export the time trackings to an excel (7), e.g. when you want to add them to an invoice.


Tipp: The Calendar week of a month can start with a date in the month before. Example: August 1st 2019 is a Thursday. The start if the CW is July 29th. However, awork will only show the values for the selected month (august in this example).