Permissions: Can I allow users to only see their own projects / tasks? (Freelancers, Clients, Guests, External)

Yes, this is possible. In this case the user can't see any projects where he is not part of the project team and no times others users tracked. This permission role should be used, if you invite customers or freelancers into your awork workspace.

To do this you can use our preset "External User". More about that here

You can also use awork's guest role. Users in this role don't use a full licence.

Task Bundles: Can I reorder the lists in a task bundle?

Yes this is possible. Just click on the three dots next to the list's name and choose the option "Reorder Task List". Now you can change the order via drag & drop.



Is there a darkmode?

Yes there is a darkmode. Go to My Profile/My Settings to activate it. You can choose between the following options:

  • Off: darkmode is always off.
  • Auto: darkmode turns on depending on your browser settings.
  • On: darkmode is always on.

Tipp: In the mobile app darkmode will switch on / off depending on your system settings.


Which browser are supported by awork?

awork works with the following browsers (Versions):

  • Chrome (from v57)
  • Edge (from v40)
  • Safari (from v10)
  • Mobile Safari (from v10)
  • Firefox (from v52)
  • Opera (from v44)

Is there an awork app for Mac/PC (Desktop App)?

There is no awork desktop app on the app store. But some browsers (e.g. Chrome or Edge) allow you to install awork as a web app.

- - -

Because of a problem the direct install button is not available right now. You can however install awork as an app through the normal browser function:





- - - 


Chrome recognizes awork as a web app. You just need to click on the +button and select install. awork will now open in its own window.



Mac: now the finder opens with the folder "Chrome Apps". You can drag & drop awork into your dock and use it as an "App". 

PC: awork now appears as a recently installed app in your start menu. You can pin it with a right click to your start menu or the task bar and use awork as an app.



Edge recognizes awork as a web app. You just need to click on the +button and select install. awork will now open in its own window.


Now the browser tab will open as a windowed app and is shown as a separate app in the taskbar. You can pin awork there. awork also shows up as an app in the start menu. 

What happens when I put myself in a non-admin role?

It is not possible, that no one is in the admin permission role. When you put yourself in a different non-admin role by accident, you have to ask someone who has the admin permissions to put you back in there. 

Are there shortcuts in awork?

Yes, there are some shortcuts that you can use anywhere in awork.

  • Press "f", "s" or "u" to open search
  • Press "m" to expand the menu bar

How can I delete my workspace?

If you want to delete your awork workspace, you can do so within your user profile. Just navigate to your profile and select the option "Delete workspace". Now you will receive an email to confirm this action.

All data related to the workspace will be deleted, so please make sure to export all of your data before doing this.


Why can't I start a support chat?

If you click on Start support chat and nothing happens your add blocker may be the reason. To chat with our support team please deactivate your ad blocker. In some cases you will need to refresh the page.

You can chat with our support team on workdays from 9am - 6pm (German time).