Which browser are supported by awork?

awork works with the following browsers (Versions):

  • Chrome (from v57)
  • Edge (from v40)
  • Safari (from v10)
  • Mobile Safari (from v10)
  • Firefox (from v52)
  • Opera (from v44)

What happens when I put myself in a non-admin role?

It is not possible, that no one is in the admin permission role. When you put yourself in a different non-admin role by accident, you have to ask someone who has the admin permissions to put you back in there. 

Are there shortcuts in awork?

Yes, there are some shortcuts that you can use anywhere in awork.

  • Press "f", "s" or "u" to open search
  • Press "m" to expand the menu bar

How can I delete my workspace?

If you want to delete your awork workspace, you can do so within your user profile. Just navigate to your profile and select the option "Delete workspace". Now you will receive an email to confirm this action.

All data related to the workspace will be deleted, so please make sure to export all of your data before doing this.