Create new Project

There are different ways to create new projects in awork. You can this in the "My Projects" view or while creating a task.

Create a new Project

Go to the project overview and tap the "+" button.



Now you can set the following options:

  1. Name of the project
  2. Project team
  3. Customer for the project
  4. Set project type
  5. Set deadline
  6. Save project
  7. Close windows / cancel (slide down)


Set Project Details

Assign Project Team

You can either search for a user (1), scroll through the list of all users (2) or invite a new user to your workspace (3). To close the window, tap the "x" (4).


Afterwards you need to select the project role (1) for the team member.


Assign Client to Project

You can either search for a client (1), scroll through the list of all clients (2) or create a new client for your workspace (3). To close the window, tap the "x" (4).


Set Project Type

You can scroll through your project types (1) and change the type.

Tip: New project types can only be created in the web app.



Set a Deadline 

First choose a date (1). You can switch between months by swiping left and right. Furthermore awork suggests prepared timeframes like tomorrow or in two weeks (2). You can close the window via the "x" (3).


You can choose a time via scrolling (1) or use a recommended time (2). 


Manage Project Details

To manage the project details tap on the project name on the project details page.

You can edit the following information:

  1. Edit project name
  2. Edit project description
  3. Change project type
  4. Change client
  5. Assign project team
  6. Set deadline
  7. Set planned effort (hours or days / 1 day = 8 hours) 
  8. Edit task lists (create new lists / reorder lists)
  9. Activity log of the project
  10. Delete project
  11. Comment on project
  12. Change project status
  13. Close pop-up



Project Overview

The project overview shows all the projects from your workspace. You can switch between three views (1):

  • Active: Shows all active project (yellow status name)
  • My Active: Shows active projects where the user is part of the project team
  • All: Shows all project (No matter which status is set)

Each project shows the name, customer and status (2). You can go to the project details with a tap on the project name (2).

Tap on the "+" (3) icon to create a new project.



To open the project details tap on a project name in the project overview of my task list.

There are the following options: 

  1. Edit project details
  2. Task lists
  3. Create task in task list
  4. Project tasks (Open details with a tap)
  5. Task Deadline
  6. Quick Edit, via swipe to the left
  7. Assign User
  8. Set Deadline
  9. Start timer
  10. Create new task
  11. Number of open tasks (swipe down to see this)
  12. Show done tasks (swipe down to see this)
  13. Back to project overview