Manage Notifications

To  always keep you up to date awork offers multiple ways to get notifications:

  • Notification overview
  • Push-Notifications
  • In-App Notifications

Tipp: Your notification settings can only be managed inside the web app. 

Notification Overview

The notification overview shows all your notifications in chronological order. Similar notifications, e.g. one person assigning you multiple tasks, will be grouped (1).

Unread notifications are marked with a red dot (2). The number on the bottom of the page shows the amount of new notifications (3).

If you tap a notification (4), it will be marked as read and the element, e.h. projectdetails or taskdetails, will open and you can edit them.



If the app is closed you will get normal push notifications on your phone.


In-App Notifications

If you get a notification while the app is open, you will see a banner on top of your screen. You can click it to navigate to the entity or just ignore it and look at it later in the notification overview.