Time Tracking

Create Time Tracking Entry

The awork app allows you to track times in multiple ways:

  • Time Tracking via Timer
  • Manual Time Tracking
  • Time Tracking via Tasklist

Time Tracking via Timer

To start a timer, tap on the play symbol in the time tracking overview. You can now set a project, task, etc. or just close the pop-up and the timer will continue to run. You will always see the progress of your timer in the app menu at the bottom.


You can open your timer at any time, to add a note, project, tasks, mark the entry as billable or change the task type.


To stop the timer just tap the stop button. 


Manual Time Tracking

To track time manually you tap on the play button. You now ignore the timer that starts right away and set either a duration or an end date for your entry. You can set the other fields like project, task, task type, etc., too. If you tap on save the timer will stop and the time entry will appear in the list. 


Time Tracking via Tasklist

To track times in the my tasks view, via project task list or via search just swipe the task to the left. Now you can tap the play button. If the timer is running, the play button will switch to a stop button. You can also stop the timer via the time tracking overview or by starting the timer for another task.


Edit Tracked Times

You can edit tracked times via the time tracking overview.

You can edit the following fields:

  1. Add / Edit a note
  2. Set task type
  3. Set date
  4. Set start time
  5. Set end to end time (You should only set an End Time or Duration)
  6. Set duration (You should only set an End Time or Duration)
  7. Select project
  8. Select task
  9. Mark entry as billable
  10. Mark entry as billed
  11. Delete entry
  12. Close entry


Time Tracking Overview

The time tracking overview shows all your tracked times grouped by day. 

You can switch between days on top of the page (1). awork also shows you how much time you tracked each day. You can switch between weeks via swiping to the left or right. 

Below there is a graph that shows how much time is tracked on a certain day (2). The full day is 8 hours.

In the middle there is a list of all time tracking entries (3). When you tap them, you will be able to edit each entry. 

The play button (4) starts an new time tracking.