Updates / Releases

Whats up next? The awork roadmap

If you want to know the next features that are in our pipeline you can easily check on our roadmap page.

It's about Time - 27.08.2019

💻Timeline for project tasks

Now you can plan your project tasks in our new timeline. You can set dependencies between tasks, plan milestones and move tasks via drag & drop. This helps you to get an even better overview of your project's timing. ⏲

💻📱Improvements to the activity log

The activity log is now even faster than before. That means more productivity in less time. 💪

💻📱Invite users to tasks via emails

If you want to assign a user to a task, that is not yet part of your workspace, you can now do so. Just select "Invite by email" when assigning a user. The user will now be invited into your workspace. 📫

💻📱New Premium Trial

You can try awork's premium features 14 days for free now. More information here. ⭐

Amazing Stuff - 05.08.2019

💻 See project progress

The progress of your projects is now shown in the project details. You will see how many tasks are planned and done. We also show the planned effort for all tasks and times tracked against the planned value. 

With this change, you can't set a planned effort for a project anymore. The planned effort will now be the sum of the planned effort of all tasks in a project. Because of this, you can easily edit the planned effort in the task details now. 

💻 Presentation mode for boards

This mode just shows the most important information (task name, description, picture) on the board. This helps to get a much better overview in the board. 

💻 Number of tasks in collapsed lists 

Now you can easily see how many tasks are in each list to get a better overview of your big projects and long lists. 

📱 See project progress

The number of planned and done tasks is now shown in the project details when you pull down the task list.

📱 Tag other users in tasks/projects

Now you can tag users via the @ function in a task or project.

📱 Show done tasks

You now have the option to show done tasks in the project details

📱 Assign a task to your project team

If you assign a task to a user there are only members of the project team shown. This makes it easier and faster to choose the right user for a task. However, you can still search for all other users in your team space and assign the task to them. 

💻 📱 Easier password creation

awork now shows you how strong your password is (red, yellow, green). For your own security, you need to use a secure (green) password.


Team's Work - 13.05.2018

Create task views

Task Views give you the option to create individual view for you tasks via filters. That way you can e.g. bundle task from your team or customer hat are due this week in one single view. Of course there is the option to choose from many other filters. 

Work-Space-Time - 24.04.2019

Create Subtasks

You can now create subtasks in the task details. This should give you an even cleaner overview for your project tasks. 

New filters for Time-Tracking Reports

There are new filters for the Time-Tracking Reports. You can now filter if you only want to show "billed" or "billable" times.

Easier switching between projects

When switching between projects we always showed the project details. From now on we will keep the same view (lists, board or details) from the previos project when switchting projects in the project overview

Teams are now workspaces

Because not everyone got what we meant by teams we changed the name to workspace. The functionality will remain the same.


Real Social - 07.03.2019

You will find detailed information here.

awork - 04.02.2019

Q. is now awork - More details here.

Fluffy Spacetime - 03.09.2018 (Q.)

Calendar Integration

The Q. calendar integration enables you to show your appointments within Q. This way you can directly use them for your time tracking. 

Crispy Nebula - 13.08.2018 (Q.)

Project list for users and companies

If you are in the user or company details you can now see a list of all belonging projects. The list have the same functions as you are used to from the project overview.


Overview for all your Q. integrations

We now offer a new overview for your Q. integrations. You can now create integrations with other tools right from your Q. and tests them. Furthermore there is a log for all the integrations activities. 


Drag & Drop in timetracking week overview

Tracking your time in Q. hast just got easier You can now track your times in the week overview via drag & drop.


Check which icons are already in use

When creating new entites like task-types Q. now shows you if a certain Icon is already in use.  

Plasma Tail - 24.07.2018 (Q.)

Drag & Drop for files

The file upload within tasks is now easier than before. You can now add files to your tasks by just dropping them into you browser. This even works with multiple files at once.


Task Types are now available for private tasks

You can now use Task Types for you private task to organize yourself even better.