awork Premium

How to book a premium plan for awork

To get an awork premiun plan just click on "Go Premium" in the main menu. 

Alternatively, you can also access the booking modal via Settings -> Workspace. 


First you need to decide if you want to book the premium or enterprise plan. You can find details for the plans and pricing here.


Now there is a pop-up where you can select your subscription period. You have to following options:

  • 1 month (Payment every month, the account can be cancelled monthly)
  • 12 month (Payment yearly, the account can be cancelled each year)
  • 24 month (Payment biennially, the account can be cancelled ever two years)

You can also select the numbers of users for your workspace.


Now you need to check your order and proceed to checkout (3).


Now you put in your billing address.


For payment you can choose between credit card or direct debit and enter the corresponding information.


Now you can review your order and edit your billig address or payment information (4,-6), if needed. Otherwise you need to accept our terms & conditions (7) and select "pay & subscribe" (8). 




Is there a guest access?

Yes, there is an option to invite guests to your workspace. To do so you just need to assign the global permission role Guest.

Tipp: The definitions of this role are predefined, you can't change them.


What are the costs for a guest?

A guest uses 1/3 of a normal licence, while a normal user takes up 1 full licence. 

Example: You booked 10 licences in your workspace. Here are some options how to use them:

  • Example 1: 10 Users
  • Example 2: 9 Users + 3 Guests
  • Example 3: 5 Users + 15 Guests

Another example: If you have 5 licences, 4 users and 2 guests in your workspace. You can now invite another guest, but no full user, because there is only 1/3 of a licence left. 


What are the permissions for the guest?

Guests can only see the My Work section in the menu and have no further permissions. To get permissions for a project the guest needs to be assigned to a project role. A guest can only be assigned to one project at a time. 

Assign guest role to a user

To assign a user to the guest role go to the permissions page and select the role Guest. If the user is already assigned to multiple projects you need to unassign them for all other projects (incl. tasks) first.


Download invoices you get from awork

To download you invoice go to the menu and click on Manage subscription (on the very bottom). Now select Account and payment data, then Billing History. Here you can select the invoice you want to download. 


How to cancel the premium plan

To cancel your premium plan click "Manage Subscriptions" in the menu bar. 


Now click the option "Account and Payment Data".


Select the plan you want to cancel.


Now you can click the option "Cancel Subscription".


The next window gives you the option to tell us why you want to cancel your plan and confirm the cancellation. (By telling the reason you are a big help for us to continuously improve awork.) You will receive a confirmation via email. 

You can cancel your premium plan to the end of your payment cycle. You can continue to use awork until the date shown in the window. After the shown date you will lose access to your workspace.